Donate Life

Donate LifeGene Adam Pearson was killed on May 19, 2005 while riding his motorcycle. I had never heard of Life Link® but the day my son died, I got a call from their foundation. They explained that my son could help save others with the use of his corneas, tissue and bone.

At first I thought yes but needed to tell my family, at first they were all upset that I would do such a thing, but explained Gene would live on in others. He would have wanted it had he known about Life Link®. My youngest son got to talk to a Life Link® member when they called back and put his mind to ease about what they would do.

We are so glad we made the right choice, my son never had the choice he died instantly. While we can make that choice let us choose to donate so others can live when we no longer can.

It is five years and I realize I want to be a part of Life Link® not only to be an organ donor, but to put Life Link® on my son’s website – Gene Pearson Motorcycle Awareness Foundation – that I started in his memory. I have been wanting to contact Life Link® for awhile, and knew this was the right time for me to get involved.

Please be a donor by choice and not by accident. Donate the gift of life today.

God Bless,
Diane Pearson