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Lance Robert Malone

Lance Robert Malone

In loving memory of our son, Lance Robert Malone.

To those of you who ride, we understand the freedom you feel when riding and we wish you all a safe ride. We also know that it’s the motorcycle rider that must watch out for the car driver.

We hope that’s where the stickers will help in making people more aware of the bikes on the road. We will continue to distribute the stickers until the time that we receive no more requests.


Kathy & Pat Malone

Lance’s Mom and Dad Forever

Kathy and Pat Malone

Kathy and Pat Malone

Kathy and Pat Malone lost their son Lance on Memorial Day, May 29, 1995 to a motorcycle accident. They have been so supportive of our efforts here.

They are also the originators of the “Look Twice Save a Life – Motorcylces Are Everywhere” campaign.

Please visit their website and support them anyway you can.

These are some other stories similar to Gene Pearson and Lance Malone. We feel a deep loss for their families. We hope they can find all the strength and support we have found through our awareness campaign. God bless.

Kristopher John Mcelhenny

Sam Tristanio